Nutrivice Consultancy has been active in China since 2012.

One of our consultants has recentely visited 14 dairy farms together with a Chinese partner. It was the second time this year that a series of farms was visited, ranging in size from 300 to 5000 dairy cows.

Main points of attention were the lack of adaption to roughage in post-weaning calves, sorting of TMR because of low humidity and strong drying winds, heat-stress abatement and preparing alfalfa silage.

Quite many farms were installing soaker lines because the region is bordering the Gobi desert and temperatures in summer can reach 40°C+

Production levels are in general between 30 and 36 kg/day.

The Chinese government promotes moving of dairy farms from village surroundings to more remote areas where manure handling and storage can be done more ecological friendly. Also it is more easy to apply manure to alfalfa and corn fields.