On November 18, our consultant Ben Braakman was invited by EU-funded SARDIII-project in Turkmeninstan to conduct a one day seminar for 14 members of the Union of Entrepreneurs in Dairy Farming. Due to the well-known virus it was not possible to travel to Turkeminstan, so the entire training was organized online. The subjects ranged from dry feeding to balancing rations by means of an Excel sheet. Good quality roughage can be a serious issue in Turkmenistan because of necessary irrigation. In addition, sometimes even watermelons and pumpkins are used as cow nutrition. So these topics, which were provided in Russian and Turkmen, were certainly very useful for the participants.

Last year, Ben spent 2 weeks in Turkmenistan at the invitation of the project. As an expert in international animal nutrition, Ben gave a 2-day course on the correct nutrition for dairy cows. Together with a number of other experts, they also visited local dairy farms where they talked about feed management, nutritional needs and how to increase milk production.

Compared to last year this year was a complete different seminar, but still with a lot of enthusiasm and positive reactions. The participants thought the seminar was very useful, practical and productive.