Dairy farmer Henk Verheijen (49) has been working with Nutrivice Consultancy since the beginning of 2020. Since the start of the collaboration, we support him and his farm with independent ruminant nutrition advice and this ensures good results.

On his farm Henk milks 90 cows that achieve an annual average of 9915 kilos of milk with 4,48% fat and 3,59% protein. In addition, he achieved in the past financial year the highest lifetime performance in the Netherlands. A result that makes him and us very proud!

According to the dairy farmer, the good outcomes are a result of a good balance in management. For the last 25 years bull use has been based on the aAa system. In addition, he milks his cows with two robots and applies outdoor grazing. He also takes care of the claws himself. During drying, cows are trimmed and cows with Mortellaro are treated weekly with spray and tape as long as needed.

At the end of the nineties, the disorders para-tbc and BVD were successfully combated and the company became free of IBR by itself. In his own words, this has taught the dairy farmer to be careful with his cows and we can see that it pays off.