Welcome to Nutrivice Consultancy

Nutrivice Consultancy B.V. supplies nutritional and management consultancy to large dairy farms, feed suppliers and milk processors all over the world.

We want to apply our knowledge and experience in close cooperation with our customers. Working with us will:

  • Upgrade the health and performance of the cows
  • Create a better work environment for the people
  • Contribute to the ecology of our planet
  • Improve the economical results of the farm

The consultants who work for and with Nutrivice Consultancy B.V. are experts in their discipline and have years of global experience in the world of ruminant nutrition and management.



Health & Animal management

Control. Easy working. Pleasure. Efficiency. Terms that apply to many farmers. The health status of a herd has a big positive but also negative impact on the technical and economic performance and certainly on the fun and ease of working.




Nutrivice Consultancy B.V. is the expert in Ruminant Nutrition and Management. Proper nutrition is essential for cows to realize a good and optimal production.

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Feed suppliers

Margin, cost competitiveness, results of the animals and customer satisfaction. All of these aspects depend on the composition of the products.

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Nutrivice Consultancy B.V. provides lectures worldwide, within our specialty: feeding and management of  calves, heifers, cows and beef.

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Nutrivice Consultancy provides training of nutritionists, sales people, distributors, farm managers and farm workers worldwide.

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