Winner of Top Silage 2016 visits the Netherlands

From 08 – 12th of May the winners of Top Silage 2016, visited together with colleague farmers from Russia, several companies and farms in the Netherlands. The visit was the winning prize connected to the award, organized and sponsored by Eurofins Agro, Barenbrug, CRV, Danone and Nutrivice Consultancy. Passion for Grass One of the visits [...]

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SIGMA, Mexico

In 2009, I was invited to the large dairy processor Sigma Alimentos in Mexico. Sigma collects a lot of milk of their customers in Mexico and also provides different types of services to their customers. This training was about practical nutrition of calves, diarrhoea management, feeding schedules, selection of milkreplacers etc.

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CARD, Armenia

In December 2012, I was invited to go to Armenia to do a product training about minerals in dairy nutrition with the distributor of Trouw Nutrition Hifeed, CARD. We explained the sales staff of CARD and also their customers some theoretical background of mineral nutrition of heifers, dry cows, dairy cows and off course we [...]

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Veterinary Center Susice, Tsjech Republic

In 2012 I had the honour to be invited to a seminar organised by Veterinary Center Susice, Tsjech Republic. This time the topic was about “New Insights in the Nutrition of Fresh Cows”. A very nice story as the nutrition of fresh cows has a big impact on the performance of the dairy cows. Especially [...]

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Merging Tenusa-Trouw-BASF

In 2007, Nutreco purchased several premix companies of BASF. In Mexico it became necessarry to integrate three companies into one. This also meant uniforming of nutritional vision, portfolios, formulations according to the Trouw Nutrition Global Ruminant Vision and Standards. I had the pleasure to be heavily involved in this process, especially in the ruminant area. [...]

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In 2008, Nutreco purchased Biofaktory, a company in the Tsjech Republic. One of my tasks in 2009 was to integrate the ruminant world of Biofaktory into the ruminant world of Nutreco. A nice task. We trained the ruminant staff on Farm Analysis, Cow Signals and ration calculation using the Rumenac System. We also introduced into [...]

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One of the Innovation Projects I lead within Nutreco was the development and launch of the product “CalFix” CalFix is a very innovative dietetic feed specially designed for Close Up Cows. CalFix has the ability to bind to calcium and trains the calcium metabolism of the dry cow in such a way that it prevents [...]

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Throughout the years I have done many lectures, round tables, discussion groups all around the world. From very scientific, but also very practical. It is always a pleasure to share knowledge and experiences with other people. On this page you can find two examples of lectures. CIGAL In 2007 I was invited to give a [...]

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Peter van Dooren Management Consultant  peter.van.dooren@nutrivice.nl 06-30262956 Peter van Dooren graduated in1995 from Wageningen University with specialization Animal Nutrition and Business Economics.  During his career of 18 years he was fortunate to work for employers that enabled him to gain a global experience of Feed Business in general and ruminant nutrition in particular. After his [...]

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