Professional lectures

Nutrivice Consultancy B.V. provides lectures worldwide, within our specialty: feeding and management of calves, heifers, cows and beef. Below is a list with a diversity of topics.


When you are intested in a topic not mentioned in this list, contact us and find out about the possibilities.

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• Rearing from Calf to Cow: the first 3 months
• Rearing from Calf to Cow: 3 months untill calving
• Feeding schedules
• Colostrum Management
• Dry feed for calves and the relation with rumen development
• The 22 Months Rearing Program

2. Feeding of the dry and close up cows

3. Feeding of Fresh Cows

4. Feed evaluation: which raw material is interesting in what situation?

5. Protein Nutrition of Dairy Cows

• Glucogenic energy
• Ketogenic eneryg

7. Fats in Dairy Diets: More than Energy!

• Mg- nutrition of dairy cows
• Na-nutrition of dairy cows
• Ca and P-nutrition of dairy cows
• Cobalt nutrition of dairy cows

9. Feeding and Management on robotic farms

10. Feeding and Fertility

11. Feeding and Claw Health

12. Large Farm Management

13. Cow Signals

14. Cow Comfort

15. Claw Health

16. Roughages


Nutrivice Consultancy provides training of nutritionists, sales people, distributors, farm managers and farm workers worldwide. Practical or more theoretical, starter or professional, product or concept, commercial or more technical, we design a training program matching the learning requirements. Below is a list with training topics.


When you are interested in a certain topic, not mentioned in the list, just contact us and find out about the possibilities.

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1. Nutrivice Ruminant Nutrition Basic

• Ration Calculation
• Mineral Nutrition of Dairy Cows.
• Trace element Nutrition of Dairy Cows.
• Vitamins in Ruminant Nutrition
• Calf Rearing: The first 3 months
• Calf Rearing: 3+ months
• Transition Feeding and Management
• Nutrition of Dry Cows
• Nutrition of Fresh Cows
• Nutrition under Heat Stress Conditions
• Feeding and Fertility
• Nutrition and Management on Robotic Farms
• Nutrition of Beef

• Cow and Calf Signals
• Fertility Signals
• Analysis of Farm Parameters
• Management and Mastitis
• Milking Techniques
• Insemination
• Claw Cutting
• Cow Comfort
• Large Farm Management

• Sales Training
• Management Training
• Communication Training