Nutrivice Consultancy B.V. is the expert in Ruminant Nutrition and Management. Proper nutrition is essential for cows to realize a good and optimal production. In contrast, suboptimal nutrition means poor results, usually in combination with a variety of health and fertility problems.
Our consultants are fully up to date of the current nutritional knowledge, which we can apply to your farm. We use the specific farm objectives, circumstances and opportunities to define our advises. Ultimately, every farm and entrepreneur is unique.

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Health & Animal management

Control. Easy working. Pleasure. Efficiency. Terms that apply to many farmers.

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Purchase support

Many farms struggle with questions concerning feeds.

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Farm and Organisation

The management and organisation of a larger farm requires a different approach.

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Intensive Guidance and Coaching

In modern business it is very common: a coach. Often you stand alone for big decisions.

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A cow has enough for 20 minutes of sleep per 24 hours