Life Time Performance

Nutrivice Consultancy B.V. is the expert in Ruminant Nutrition and Management. Proper nutrition is essential for cows to realize a good and optimal production. In contrast, suboptimal nutrition means poor results, usually in combination with a variety of health and fertility problems.

Our consultants are fully up to date of the current nutritional knowledge, which we can apply to your farm. We use the specific farm objectives, circumstances and opportunities to define our advises. Ultimately, every farm and entrepreneur is unique.

Life Time Performance

On many farms, cows only produce 2.5 to 3.5 lactations. This means, many cows leave the farm before their rearing costs are recouped. This is not sustainable and certainly not profitable. The good news is that this can be improved. In our advises, we put Longevity or Life Time Performance central. A high Life Time Performance is only possible when the milk production per day, the health status and fertility results of the cows are in order. Life Time Performance is one of the technical parameters of continuous attention.

Feed Efficiency

In combination with a good Life Time Performance, an efficient conversion of feed into milk is important to achieve good financial results. In many farms, it is possible to improve feed efficiency and reduce the feed cost per kg of milk produced. We use special software containing the latest nutritional knowledge to formulate the rations to perfection.

Feeding of Calves

Many studies have shown time and again that a solid calf rearing is essential to get healthy cows capable to produce long and relatively easy a lot of milk. Nutrivice Consultancy B.V. has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cattle rearing. We can help you to choose and implement the right rearing strategy on your farm. We help you to choose between the available products in the market (think about calf milk replacers, starter feeds, minerals etc.) and design together the feeding schedules, rations and management protocols. On a regular basis we evaluate the results and make the necessarry adjustments.

Nutrition of Cows

The nutrition of the dry and lactating cows determine the financial and technical result of a farm. Several problems often have a nutritional cause. Milk fever, ketosis, acidosis, claw problems, disappointing milk production, fertility problems, etcetera. Adequately designed rations in combination with a good feed management prevents many of these problems.

On the basis of the cow signals, production data and / or financial information, many consultants are able to conclude that there are things to improve at the farm. Much less consultants are able to propose and implement the right steps to realise the improvements. We specialise in diagnosing, proposing and implementing the correct steps.

We design rations for all groups in the herd. For us it does not matter whether you work with TMR, PMR, out of parlour or in parlour feeding stations, robots or single ingredients. We work with up to date scientific nutritional standards for all groups, we are independent and we make it appropriate for your farm.

Nutrition of beef cattle

Designing the rations for beef cattle is precision work. Different qualities of maize silage and other roughages and the use of by-products makes it necessary to design the total ration in a proper way. We ensures proper nutrition at every stage of the growing process. Maximum growth, excellent feed conversion ratio, good meat quality and carcass conformation provide an optimal financial result. Whichever goal you may pursue, Nutrivice Consultancy provides the matching ration.