For one of our clients, Afgri Animal Feeds, a big feed company in South Africa, Nutrivice Consultancy organized an intense, full week training discussing everything related to the nutrition and management of young calves.

Afgri visited the Netherlands with 5 experienced Ruminant Specialists to gain the latest expertise on calf nutrition.

The program was a mixture of theory and practice; in the morning sessions, Jan Bakker and Peter van Dooren discussed the latest knowledge on topics like Epigenetics, Calf Nutrition and Management, metabolic programming, compositions of starter feeds (nutritive values, ingredients, pellets, muesli), the composition of milk replacers and relevant additives to use in nutrition of young calves.  The afternoons were reserved for visiting different farms to study their calf rearing practices and results.

Highlights of the week were the practical session on evaluating different milk replacers, measuring calf performances on various farms and the training to learn how to design a farm specific feeding schedule.

The training was highly appreciated by the Afgri Ruminant Specialists, leading to an overall score of 9,5!!

Comments of the participants:

Great refresher on theory

Great tools to come with

Many new things to me, I understand it a lot better know. Practical on-farm solutions. Great!

Learned a lot on all ingredients”

Perfect and practical tool for on farm convincing client


Watching and smelling during the practical session on evaluating different milk replacers

Visit to the farms to study the calf reiring practises and measuring calf performances.