Seminar in Vologda, Russia

In September 2018, Nutrivice Consultancy held a seminar in Vologda Region in the Russian Federation. During a 2 day visit, first a farm visit/audit was made to make the seminar better adapted to regional climate and other circumstances. The rations of the farm were adapted to optimize results and save money on excess mineral mixes [...]

septiembre 24th, 2018|Actueel|

In depth Calf Rearing and Management Training for Afgri Animal Feeds

For one of our clients, Afgri Animal Feeds, a big feed company in South Africa, Nutrivice Consultancy organized an intense, full week training discussing everything related to the nutrition and management of young calves. Afgri visited the Netherlands with 5 experienced Ruminant Specialists to gain the latest expertise on calf nutrition. The program was a [...]

agosto 29th, 2018|Actueel|

Nutrivice Consultancy in Russia

34th Scientific and Practical Seminar 16-20 April 2018 (Feeding cattle) From April 16 to 20, 2018 in the business center “Stolitsa” the 34th scientific and practical seminar on the program “Food Optima Expert” was held in Voronezh, Russia.  The seminar was devoted to the actual problems and possibilities of feeding cattle. Peter van Dooren of [...]

junio 22nd, 2018|Actueel|

Nutrivice Consultancy in China

Nutrivice Consultancy has been active in China since 2012. One of our consultants has recentely visited 14 dairy farms together with a Chinese partner. It was the second time this year that a series of farms was visited, ranging in size from 300 to 5000 dairy cows. Main points of attention were the lack of [...]

junio 18th, 2018|Actueel|

Winner of Top Silage 2016 visits the Netherlands

From 08 – 12th of May the winners of Top Silage 2016, visited together with colleague farmers from Russia, several companies and farms in the Netherlands. The visit was the winning prize connected to the award, organized and sponsored by Eurofins Agro, Barenbrug, CRV, Danone and Nutrivice Consultancy. Passion for Grass One of the visits [...]

mayo 22nd, 2017|Actueel, Sin categorizar|

Consultant Ruminant Nutrition m/v

Nutrivice Consultancy B.V. supplies nutritional and management consultancy to large farms (dairy and beef), feed suppliers and milk processors all over the world. We apply our knowledge and experience in close cooperation with our clients, resulting in healthier cows that perform better. Due to expansion of our activities we are looking on short-term for a: [...]

abril 4th, 2017|Actueel|

Handel- en Studiereis melkveehouderij 05-10 juni 2017

Thema: investeren in en exporteren naar de Oekraïne Maandag 05 juni 2017 13.15 uur Vertrek Amsterdam 17.05 uur Aankomst Kiev 20.30 uur inchecken in het hotel met aansluitend een welkom diner. Dinsdag 06 juni 2017 Bezoek aan Astarta Agri Industrial Holding Astarta is één van de grootste, beursgenoteerde agrarische bedrijven in Oekraïne met 250.000 ha [...]

marzo 27th, 2017|Actueel|

SIGMA, Mexico

In 2009, I was invited to the large dairy processor Sigma Alimentos in Mexico. Sigma collects a lot of milk of their customers in Mexico and also provides different types of services to their customers. This training was about practical nutrition of calves, diarrhoea management, feeding schedules, selection of milkreplacers etc.

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CARD, Armenia

In December 2012, I was invited to go to Armenia to do a product training about minerals in dairy nutrition with the distributor of Trouw Nutrition Hifeed, CARD. We explained the sales staff of CARD and also their customers some theoretical background of mineral nutrition of heifers, dry cows, dairy cows and off course we [...]

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Veterinary Center Susice, Tsjech Republic

In 2012 I had the honour to be invited to a seminar organised by Veterinary Center Susice, Tsjech Republic. This time the topic was about “New Insights in the Nutrition of Fresh Cows”. A very nice story as the nutrition of fresh cows has a big impact on the performance of the dairy cows. Especially [...]

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